East-Toptech is a leading manufacturer of a Premium range of  Consumer Peripherals, Medical ,Industrial ,consumer electronics, and mobility-related cable connection products. We are dedicated to making productsthat help realize the true potential of technology in making cable connections more simpler and efficient .
   Our Products  line :HDMI, USB C,DP, Fiber and Audio Video accessories .we can produce more than hundreds  types of cables models.
   Production takes place at our two ISO 9001, ISO14000 certified factories, covering morethan 15,000 squaremeters manufacturingbase. With the strong support, we trun out up to 500,000Cables and 10,000electronics monthly. This capacity is made possible utilizing SMT lines,hot-air reflow soldering machines and high-frequency welders.

      Passion for design: At East-Toptech, we live and breathe the latest technology and best design. We strive to exceed customerexpectations, not only for performance, but also for ease of use and value for money.We follow the latest technology and  formulatecustomized customer products according to each customer's product and market, so that each of your products can meet the needs of appearance and performance. Our goal is not only to create products, but alsocreate a relationship with our customers. We want to create a lasting relationship with you,through fantastic support, friendly customer service, and innovative products. We hope to inspire the industry and also inspire you in your work and home life.

Established in
Annual output value of the company
Independently developed patent intellectual property rights
Having experienced employees

Our R&D

Our R&D

-Committed to the functional development and design of new products,

 designing productswith excellent performance to meet customer and trial

 production needs.

-We have structural engineers with many years of structural design experience,

 can quickly respond to customers ID structural design

-According to market changes and the latest industry development technology, 

plan products at any time to ensure product innovation and competitiveness

-Continuous aging test to ensure the best ID Design Group is a professional, 

detailed-orientedteam in the drafting and design industry. We offethe utmost 

accuracy  in  our areas of expertise,2D-3Ddesign.

-Rigorous development process, a variety of data analysis equipment, effective

 reliability test experiments to ensure perfection.

Our Production Team

Our Production Team

The emergence of automated production lines has greatly improved

production efficiency and product quality. Automated production lines 

not only improve product consistency and stability, but also reduce labor 

costs and production cycles. Through automation technology, it can better 

meet the market demand and enhance competitiveness.Rigorous development 

process,a variety of data analysis equipment, effective reliability test experiments

to ensure perfection.

Our Q&C

Our Q&C

Ensure the incoming parts of product accessories are normal.

Provide a strong guarantee for mass production. 

Ensure the function of products is not affected by the environmental

change and the way of use

Automated production reduces the quality risk of human operation. 

Quality engineers follow up the quality of product production at any

time to ensure every trial production and order production. The tracking 

system makes the production of each product clearer and more transparent

Refined management, shorten the order flow time, increase the product 

pass-through rate, increased production, and reduce waste .

Our Sales

Our Sales

We are committed to providing customized services to meet the

 service needs of different customers. 

A dedicated product team is always available to answer your questions 

and help you find the right product for your needs.

With excellent quality, innovative products and strict quality control, You

can trust East-toptech to provide you with data cables and the best audio

 and video solutions.